Sunday, February 7, 2010

Let It Snow

So the crack weathermen on WCBS, WABC and every other station in town called for the 'storm of the century' to hit New York on Saturday morning.

By the time I got to the 14th street TJ's on Saturday 8am, about the only thing left to buy was squished brie and TJ virgin olive oil. There was no:

bread, coffee, grape tomatoes, lettuce, half and half, cereal, yogurt, EDAMAME, frozen fish, no salsa, avocados, orangina, bottled water, milk, cat food, grapefruit juice, shredded cheese.

there were bags - but i still got a lottery ticket for bringing my own.

Oh - I waited on line for 30 minutes to buy rice pudding and eggs. Yes there were eggs. And you could always buy toilet paper - I guess NY remains a very constipated city.

As of noon on Saturday NYC had about 1/16th" of an inch of snow.

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