Saturday, February 7, 2009

Single File

Saturday at the Manhattan Trader Joe's - not only did you have to wait on line to pay, you had to wait on line to get into the store. It was decorated with lots of hearts in anticipation of Valentine's Day.

New item: Trader O's - the TJ version of Spaghetti-Os. They didn't look all that appetizing.

Today's purchases (which was rushed because the check out line was already at the free coffee counter by the time I got into the store)

Trader Giotto's Pizza Sauce
Orangina Soda
TJ's Rice Pudding
TJ's Orange Juice from concentrate
Handmade Chicken Burritos
Gyoza Chicken Pot Stickers
Apple Cereal Bars
Salsa Verde
Mini-Pearl Tomatoes
TJ's Kalamata Hummus
Yellow Fin Tuna Fillet
Egg Pappardelle Pasta
Tandoori Naan Garlic Bread
Restaurant Style White Chips

Ryan asked me if I found everything OK. I asked him if he gets hazard pay.

Total time: 35 minutes of which 25 were waiting


Jill said...

Next time, try the Mediterranean-style hummus with the oil and pine nuts on top. There used to be a fabulous Turkish restaurant in New Milford, NJ that had the best hummus in the world. This stuff comes close.

I'm with you on the mini-tomatoes; TJ has the best price on these. Not happy with the reformulated rice pudding, though. The old stuff was more like the kheer you get in Indian restaurants.

Distributorcap said...

you know, when they did the redesign of the rice pudding container - it did taste different.

i used to like the TJ's better than Kozy Shack, but now I like the KS - I didnt realize they reformuated it.