Monday, February 2, 2009

Who are the Disciples of Joe?

You know who they are. They're the people with cupboards full of multigrain pilaf in a pouch. They're the ones who put out baskets of praline pecans and peanut butter-filled pretzels for a party. They're the ones who delude themselves that they're drinking healthy soda when they guzzle Hansen's diet pomegranate. They're the ones whose faces light up when they hear the words "Trader Joe's" at 100 paces.

If you've never been to Trader Joe's, you just don't get it. So here in this blog, we Disciples of Joe are going to explore All Things Trader Joe's -- product reviews, recipes, silly videos -- the entire Zen of Joe. So visit often, and feel free to spread the Word of Joe in the comments.


Distributorcap said...

oh jill
you are hitting me right in the soft spot

SteveAudio said...

2 buck Chuck!

2 buck Chuck!

2 buck Chuck!

Anonymous said...

GREAT Cutie clementines, tiny smooth the tart/sweet treat that can't be beat. $6.49/5lb in PDX NW store on 2/5/09 mmm mmm muh mmm